Guy Morgan Architects is a regionally dedicated architectural practice emphasising a combination of exceptional client service, local knowledge of traditions, materials and craftsmanship, and comprehensive on site supervision to provide an outstanding end product to the client. The emphasis is on evolving the rich traditions of regional and vernacular forms to enhance and enrich a feeling of place.

Our company’s philosophy holds that life experience and emotion in every location is unique and should be heightened and not diminished. Within this narrative, GMA’s work redefines local built forms, crafts and traditions to meet twenty first century technologies and expectations.

Communities should be united by architecture, not divided – and, within it, discover our shared humanity, joy and aspirations.

The environment is what moves and inspires us – our buildings act as filters to enhance our experience of it. Humans should not feel cocooned from their surroundings, nor isolated from the nature that lures us. In the end, buildings must work harmoniously with the environment , not pick a fight with it – because we all know who wins.

After graduating from Adelaide University in 1987 and finding inspiration with stints at Troppo Architecture and Woodhead Australia in Darwin; Guy Morgan participated in a six month exchange programme to rural central and east Java which awakened a deep and abiding respect respect for the local vernacular and its role in the evolution of cultural and environmental influence in creating built environments that celebrate our diversity and history.

After several years work and travel through many of the mainstream as well as the more obscure corners of the world, Guy returned to Australia, but was soon lured back to Indonesia by well known resort designers, Grounds Kent Architects – creators of the flagship Four Seasons Jimbaran Resort in Bali, widely considered a benchmark in the genre.

After 10 years managing Grounds Kent offices in Jakarta and Bali, and as Design Architect and Project Architect on many of their Asian based projects, Guy moved to establish Guy Morgan Architects with an administrative office and base in Sydney, with an offshore office in Bali. This company structure allows Australian-based clients to have direct and meaningful communication with the principal, Guy Morgan, as well as allowing reliable and fast internet and telecommunications connectors for overseas based clients. These two facilities also embrace the fundamental philosophy of GMA in allowing greater participation and interaction of both Eastern and Western influences in the decision making process.

Current projects include resort, villa and spa developments in Bali, Java, Lombok, and Victoria. We continue to apply best available environmental principles and cultural sensitivities to every project we undertake, regardless of size. By supervising and outsourcing documentation to Bali; our professional service fees can remain extremely competitive, and we can provide an ‘on the ground’ presence and update our knowledge of local building patterns and conditions virtually anywhere in the world on an ongoing basis.

The flexibility and economy of this structure have already proven effective with clients in Australia, Asia and in projects as far away as the Caribbean. The aim is always to draw on the wealth of experience behind our practice to provide the best possible service to the client, and the most outstanding architectural results on time, and on budget.